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Cafeteria Tables

We Have The Best Deals On Cafeteria Tables in the Industry.

Here are some specifications for most models.

Tables fold and open in one fluid motion, assisted by a combination of cylinders and a torsional energy storage system.

This combination ensures safety and ease of use through a controlled, effortless operation. The cafeteria table stays in a teepee position for easy handling.

Cafeteria Table

Table tops and benches are made of solid core warp-resistant construction. High-pressure laminate face is used for
the top surface with a balanced high pressure laminate backer for the bottom surface.

Table tops and benches are attached to the table frame with deep thread screws.  The corners have a 1-1/2″ radius. The Bench supports are robotically welded steel construction of 14-gauge tubular frame steel with 6″ square, heavy-duty 11-gauge steel plates welded to uprights. The Benches are secured to steel plates with deep thread
screws.  No field assembly required.

Stool supports are robotically welded steel construction consisting of a 14-gauge tubular frame with 6″ square, heavy-duty 11-gauge steel plates welded to uprights.
Stools are one of the following:

A. Poly: High-impact polypropylene stools

B. Thermoset Hard Plastic:

Cafeteria Tables

Table top and bench edges are finished in one of the following:
A. Bullnose edge: (Flat vinyl T-edge) Edges are banded with an abrasion-resistant vinyl bullnose molding.
B. 73P Edge: Edges are banded with a 2mm flat PVC (polyvinyl chloride) edge banding that is chemically bonded to the table or bench core.
C. Perfect Edge: Made of 1/4″ thick by 3/4″ high cast black polyurethane. The Perfect Edge is mechanically and chemically bonded to the table core and chemically bonded to the laminate surface edge

The Table frames are fabricated using a welded unitized construction, integrating all structural steel members into a self-supporting unit. The table top support apron is 11-gauge channel steel, pierced to securely anchor the tops.

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